Download Data

The files below include all publicly available data in a zipped csv or Shapefile format. Please read the instructions.txt included in the zip files to learn how these files were assembled. Users may download data by state or for the entire country, except for Community Anchor Institution data which is only available for the entire country. When publishing results of this data, please cite NTIA's State Broadband Initiative. If you have any questions about how to use the data, or to tell us how you are using it, send an email to

The Analyze functions for Rank and Summarize of the NBM are based upon a single underlying table, Analyze, which contains all possible combinations from the SBI data collection for broadband provider, speed and technology. It also contains demographic data. Users interested in analysis beyond what is provided in the NBM can download the Analyze table below.

For previous releases of this data please go to

Please see Transfer Data Model metadata for format standard. Are you using the data? Do you have suggestions on format of questions about how to use it? Email us at:


Dowload the Complete National Datasets

You may download the supporting documents here


Or Download Files by State,Territory, and District of Columbia

FIPS Num FIPS Alpha By CSV By Shapefile
02 AK
01 AL
05 AR
60 AS
04 AZ
06 CA
08 CO
09 CT
11 DC
10 DE
12 FL
13 GA
15 HI
19 IA
16 ID
17 IL
18 IN
20 KS
21 KY
22 LA
25 MA
24 MD
23 ME
26 MI
27 MN
29 MO
28 MS
30 MT
37 NC
38 ND
31 NE
33 NH
34 NJ
35 NM
32 NV
36 NY
39 OH
40 OK
41 OR
42 PA
72 PR
44 RI
45 SC
46 SD
47 TN
48 TX
49 UT
51 VA
78 VI
50 VT
53 WA
55 WI
54 WV
56 WY

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