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Tissue Banks and Pathology Tools (TBPT) Workspace

The TBPT workspace is providing for the integration, development, and implementation of tissue and pathology tools. There is strong interest and investment in this area throughout the cancer center community, and this workspace provides an opportunity to bind systems together into a unified resource through a shared informatics infrastructure. In keeping with the caBIG philosophy of database federation, these systems are being designed or modified to facilitate the integration of, and access to, information from geographically-separate areas. Access TBPT Newcomer Information.

For more information, discussion forums, product documents, training and help, visit the caBIG® Tissue/Biospecimen Banking and Technology Tools Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center provides a centralized, authoritative repository of knowledge, information, and web-based support to facilitate the deployment and ongoing development of caBIG® tools, standards, and infrastructure in the tissue/biospecimen management domain.

Participant Shortcuts

Workspace Schedule

General Workspace Meetings
3rd Monday of each month
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

For detailed information on the monthly workspace teleconference, including schedule changes, presentations and upcoming meetings, please join the TBPT listserv and refer to the TBPT wiki site.

Contact Information

Workspace Facilitator

Lynn Martin

Federal Lead

Ian Fore

Technical Manager

Braulio Cabral

Workspace Products


Policies, Guidelines and Whitepapers

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