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Autism Research and the NIDCD

One of the hallmarks of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the diminished ability to communicate effectively—particularly in the expression and reception of language. The NIDCD supports research that looks at language acquisition in children with ASD and is committed to supporting research efforts to improve the diagnosis of ASD and the available treatments to address language deficits in children with the disorder. The NIDCD has a special interest in school-aged children with ASD who remain non-verbal.  The NIDCD also participates in and supports the NIH’s Autism Centers of Excellence (ACE) Program, a trans-NIH initiative that supports large-scale multidisciplinary studies on ASD.



  • NIDCD-funded autism-related research (see NIH’s RePORTER and enter "autism" in the Text Search field and "NIDCD" in the Agency/Institute/Center field)



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