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CTSA Training and Career Development

Creating an academic home for clinical and translational science with the resources to train, cultivate and sustain future leaders of the biomedical research workforce is a key goal of the CTSA program. To prepare future generations of clinician-scientists and build the clinical and translational research workforce, the CTSA Consortium has developed a coordinated national approach to promote the professional development of investigators. 

The CTSAs are helping to ensure that our nation will have a pipeline of trained research team members who can move basic research findings into application for improving health as novel therapies, diagnostics and preventives. Scientists and clinicians can participate in research education and gain practical research experience through programs supported by the CTSA. Find out how to access CTSA clinical research scholar and training opportunities

The CTSA Consortium provides open access to a wide variety of training resources and educational materials created by the CTSA-supported institutions and the NIH. In this setting, trainees learn to work and communicate in interdisciplinary teams guided by experienced mentors. This team science approach is preparing clinician-scientists to better address today's complex research challenges.