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Training and Mentoring Resources

The CTSA Consortium has developed a set of national training resources for clinical and translational sciences, including educational core competencies, best practices for training mentors and curriculum materials for training courses. These educational resources are freely available, and many institutions — both at CTSA institutions and at other colleges and universities — have integrated them into training programs.

Providing Access to Training Courses

The National CTSA Educational Resource Program (NCERP), developed by the University of Rochester's Clinical and Translational Science Institute, is organized as a concierge service that promotes a variety of educational modules from the CTSA Consortium training programs and the NIH Clinical Center. These modules are specialized educational courses that may represent a particular area of strength for an institution. The NCERP resource is available to trainees, scholars and investigators.

Sharing Opportunities for Research Training Collaboration

Members of the regional Midwest Consortium for Education and Research Collaboration, a regional CTSA Consortium, have agreed to initiate a partnership effort to strengthen clinical research education programs, mentoring, and career development opportunities for scholars.

Taking the CTSA Academic Home for Training to the Cloud: The Virtual University

The University of Iowa has developed a Virtual University portal, housing educational content on clinical and translational science courses, competencies and best practices shared by the consortium and open to the research training community at large.

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