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Cross Cutting Workspaces

The Cross-Cutting Workspaces create or specify the standards and infrastructure used by all Domain Workspaces to insure interoperability as they develop their respective tools and systems. These workspaces also support mentoring, and guide and support work related to reference implementations:

  • Architecture Workspace: Develops the platform that integrates diverse data types and supports interoperable analytic tools. This group also defines syntactic interoperability, mentors developers, and is developing caGrid. caGRID is the underlying network architecture and platform that provides the basis for connectivity, tools deployment, and data sharing between caBIG® participants.
  • Vocabularies and Common Data Elements Workspace: Evaluates and integrates systems and standards for vocabularies and common data elements and ontology content development, as well as software systems for content delivery. They also define semantic interoperability, train and provide mentors, and provide guidelines for the adoption of standards and CDE harmonization.
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