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At RTS, safety is integral to every mission. RTS maintains a fully redundant flight safety system with remote command destruct transmitters for contingency actions. RTS also provides a complete ground safety program to ensure that personnel and materials are protected from the time of ordnance receipt through missile build-up and launch.

In FY 1996, RTS commissioned the Kwajalein Mobile Range Safety System (KMRSS) . The KMRSS is hosted on the T-AGOS class USNS Worthy. The superstructure of the Worthy was modified to support redundant telemetry antennas. Existing instrumentation compartments provide housing for the TM equipment along with decommutation equipment necessary to provide Flight Safety officers with visual presentation from which to assess missile performance. Each telemetry antenna supports both the S-band receiving gear and the UHF Flight Termination System transmitting antenna. The Worthy has some limited capability to support billeting for operations at remote launch sites.

The USNS Worthy, a T-AGOS class ship, has been commissioned to serve as a mobile instrumentation platform at RTS. The Kwajalein Mobile Range Safety System is installed on the Worthy to support TMD related remote site launch activities. The Worthy also provides logistical and other instrumentation support for remote site operations.


Reagan Test Site is currently upgrading its flight safety instrumentation suite to enable the range to handle Multiple Simultaneous Engagement scenarios as required by the Theater Missile Defense programs. When this range upgrade is completed, RTS will be able to control flight safety for Multiple Simultaneous engagements.

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