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Social Media Policy

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is utilizing social media technologies and websites to provide you with information in more places and more ways.  This page outlines all our official communication channels and resources and why we use them.  We are providing the following links to our presence on third party sites for your reference.  USCIS does not endorse any non-government websites, companies or applications.

The Beacon - The Official USCIS Blog
The official online web journal for USCIS.  The rules for participation in the blog are found in our Comment and Privacy policies.

USCIS on Twitter 
Follow @USCIS on Twitter for daily Citizenship and Immigration updates.  Twitter is a microblogging platform that allows users to post short text messages (up to 140 characters in length) and converse with other users via their phone or web browsers.  This is a third-party site.  Tweets are also available in Spanish USCIS does not endorse any non-government websites, companies or applications.  Twitter Privacy Policy

USCIS YouTube Videos
YouTube is a social media website that allows the sharing of information to the public using videos.  Youtube Privacy Policy

USCIS Email Updates
Email Updates provide information to the public directly in their inbox.  We never send unsolicited emails and the public can choose which updates they would like to receive.  Email updates are provided by a third-party company, GovDelivery.         

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) data feeds automatically provide updated information as soon as it becomes available.  An RSS Reader is needed to receive RSS feeds.  To begin receiving USCIS RSS feeds, please follow instructions on the USCIS RSS page.                  

Social Media Privacy Policy
USCIS is not collecting or retaining any privacy information from our use of third party Web 2.0 applications. We are however, retaining a copy of all comments posted to our sites as required by our records retention policy and will only be releasing them when required by Federal law. We ask that you do not provide any personally identifiable information such as: a case number, social security number, or any other information you do not want available to the general public in your comments to USCIS when using these applications. USCIS will attempt to remove any personally identifiable information from these sites, but may not be able to do so until after it has been made publically available. If you choose to post personally identifiable information on any public site you do so at your own risk. USCIS disclaims any liability for any loss or damage resulting from any comments posted on these applications. The privacy policies of all third party sites apply in the collection and dissemination of user data. USCIS encourages all users to read the privacy policies before registering or posting to any application.

Last updated: 02/01/2012