CRA/HMDA Software Download

2013 CRA & HMDA Data - The free FFIEC CRA and HMDA Data Entry Software, version 2013 for CY 2013 data due March 3, 2014, is only available by DOWNLOAD from the FFIEC CRA and HMDA web sites.

2011 (V.2011 R.2) and 2012 (V.2012 R.2) CRA & HMDA software remain available for download. Version 2011 and 2012 support data collection for 2011 and 2012, respectively.

Download Time - Without a high-speed connection, some products may take as long as two hours to download. Therefore, a 56K or faster connection is strongly recommended. Specific downloading instructions are included on the following pages. The HMDA and CRA Data Entry Software products are available to the public at no cost; however, we would like you to provide us with some information.

Note: The software should be installed locally on a hard disk; it is NOT network compatible.

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2013 Data Entry Software (Due 3/3/2014)
* Version 2013 is used for 2013 data collection.

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2012 Data Entry Software (Due 3/1/2013)
* Version 2012 is used for 2012 data collection.



Title 2011 Data Entry Software (Due 3/1/2012)
* Version 2011 is used for 2011 data collection.

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