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Learn the link between drug abuse and the spread of HIV infection in the United States.

After the Party

Note: [Text in Brackets] indicates scene description.

Note: Italicized font indicates text message script onscreen.

Note: Bold text indicates spoken dialogue.

:15 Billingual Version

[Shot of Kim putting her head in her hands]
On-screen text: what was i thinking?
Voiceover: ¿En qué estaba pensando?
Sound FX: Sounds of a heavy sigh
[Cut to footage of teens at a party, dancing and drinking (Footage stylized to reflect flashback)]
On-screen text: i took drugs
i got high
Voiceover: I wasn't thinking - because I was high.
Sound FX: Ambient party sounds and music fade up
[Guy and Kim caressing and flirting]
On-screen text: i hooked up
Voiceover: Then I hooked up with some guy.
Sound FX: Music continues
[Guy and Kim caressing and flirting - freeze frame.]
On-screen text: i have HIV
Voiceover: And now I have . . . HIV.
Sound FX: Music distorts and drops out at the line " . . . HIV"
[Fade to black.]
[Fade to title card]
On-screen text: drugs + HIV > learn the link
[HHS and NIDA logos]
On-screen text: A public service message of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and this station
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