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Learn the link between drug abuse and the spread of HIV infection in the United States.

After the Party

Note: [Text in Brackets] indicates scene description.

Note: Italicized font indicates text message script onscreen.

Note: Bold text indicates spoken dialogue.

:30 Spanish Language Version

[Kim at home - she looks forlorn as she text messages]
On-screen text: necesito verte tía
Voiceover: Necesito verte tía.
Sound FX: Sound of a cell phone opening
[Cut to close-up of aunt receiving Kim's text message. She texts back:]
On-screen text: ¿qué pasa?
Voiceover: ¿Qué te pasa?
Sound FX: Ambient sounds. Then sound of incoming text message
[Cut back to shot of Kim, texting back.]
On-screen text: por teléfono no
Voiceover: No puedo contártelo por teléfono.
Sound FX: Heavy sigh, followed by sound of cell phone closing
[Cut to Kim flipping her phone closed, and placing her head in her hands]
On-screen text: ¿qué estaba pensando?
Voiceover: ¿En qué estaba pensando?
Sound FX: Muffled party sounds and music fade up . . .
[Cut back to front shot of Kim]
On-screen text: no estaba pensando
Voiceover: Es que NO estaba
Sound FX: Music continues
[Cut to images of teens at a party, dancing and drinking (Footage stylized to reflect flashback)]
Voiceover: pensando en esa fiesta . . .
Sound FX: Music continues
[Close up of beer cup, drinking footage, friend offers pills to Kim . . .]
Voiceover: Carlos trajo la cerveza y Ana nos dio drogas . . .
Sound FX: Music continues
[Kim takes pills]
On-screen text: me drogué
Voiceover: . . . y realmente nos pusimos a volar.
Sound FX: Music continues
[Kim flirting and laughing with guy on the couch]
On-screen text: me acosté con un tipo
Voiceover: Y entonces me metí con un tipo.
Sound FX: Music continues
[Guy and Kim caressing and flirting]
Voiceover: Y él me dio algo que tendré el resto de mi vida . . .
Sound FX: Music continues
Music distorts and drops out at the line " . . . HIV"
[Guy and Kim caressing and flirting - freeze frame]
On-screen text: tengo VIH
Voiceover: . . . el VIH.
Sound FX: She takes a deep breath
[Fade to black]
Voiceover: Necesito a mi familia.
Sound FX: . . . then exhales
[Cut to title card with text typing on screen]
On-screen text: drogas + VIH > edúcate
[HHS and NIDA logos]
On-screen text: Un mensaje de servicio al público del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos y de esta estación
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