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NIH Enterprise Web Services (NEWS)

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To order or inquire about this service, please contact the NIH IT Service Desk.

Service Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM

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NIH Enterprise Web Services (NEWS) is a business-centric IT architecture utilizing NIST approved software that enables NIH systems and applications to communicate more efficiently by providing tools that help enterprises create, deploy, and manage Web Services across IT infrastructures and organizations.  NEWS solutions transcend any single device by crossing boundaries to pull together dissimilar systems and applications.  NEWS solutions ensure resources are available to meet challenging business needs.  
NEWS solutions at NIH support methodologies and business process management components for applications that require workflow and business processes.

Customer Benefits

From a technological perspective, NEWS solutions support flexible IT architectures, the integration of existing applications, and improve overall data integration across the enterprise.  NEWS solutions facilitate enterprise portal initiatives, and speedup custom application development.  
From a business perspective, NEWS solutions support effective integration with business partners, assist customer service initiatives, enable employee self-service, and facilitate the use of external service providers.

Customer Market

This service is available to all NIH customers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What are some of the additional benefits of instituting NEWS solutions?

A: We can assist in developing skills within your own organization and supplement with our expertise, and we can also identify which of your projects are best suited for NEWS to yield an effective Return on Investment (ROI).


Q: How do I integrate legacy applications?
A: Our NEWS solutions can help you identify discrete elements within your legacy applications and encase them in standards-based interfaces, and then use them as services within your own NEWS environment.
Q: What are the major benefits of NEWS?
A: NEWS helps create greater alignment between IT and your line of business while generating more flexibility by helping you to use existing IT investments and the new services you are developing. NEWS makes integration of your IT investments easier by using well-defined interfaces between services. NEWS also provides an architectural model for integrating services for business partners, customers, and suppliers into an enterprise business process. This reduces cost and improves customer satisfaction.



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