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Limited Pilot for NIGMS Legacy Community-Wide Scientific Resources (R24)

Limited Pilot for NIGMS Legacy Community-Wide Scientific Resources (R24)

Frequently Asked Questions, as of 9-16-10

Additional Frequently Asked Questions, as of 9-27-10

Planning for Evaluation


This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is intended for applications to continue important “legacy” resources developed as a part of NIGMS-supported research activities that are not being renewed under the original initiatives, because an initiative is expiring or an award is not renewable due to a fixed duration of funding specified in the initiative.


This FOA is designed to support continuation of existing resources, not to develop new ones. Support will be intended for maintenance activities only, and not for new research activities. NIGMS defines a resource as a non-hypothesis-driven activity to provide data, materials, tools or services that are essential to making the most timely, high quality and cost-efficient progress in a field, that has great potential for having high value to a community of researchers that the institute supports.

Special Requirements

The eligibility is restricted to resources determined to be funded as part of NIGMS research mechanisms used for initiatives that are expiring and/or the awards are no longer renewable under those initiatives. R01 grants are not be eligible. NIGMS-assigned ARRA activities are permitted to apply, but NIH Roadmap-funded efforts are not. Resources funded under SBIR and STTR awards are not included in the pilot program. Contacting the relevant program staff at NIGMS in advance of an application to determine eligibility is strongly recommended.

This page last reviewed on August 19, 2011