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Wiki Services

Wiki Services offer user-friendly collaborative technologies to create virtual communities that share information, combine knowledge, and coordinate customer efforts. The service delivers advanced document and content management/development through open and simple editing access that encourages participation by many parties. Features include:

  • Added option to control access to content by groups of users (permissions)
  • Easy-to-manage versioning control and comparison
  • Easy self-publishing by contributors (obviating administrative bottlenecks)
  • Simple “alert” systems (RSS, favorites, dashboard and email integration) to monitor all changes to Wiki content
  • Easy building of directories, mapping of social networks, and simple profile management
Besides text, wiki users can add images and internal and external hyperlinks—links to other wiki pages (internal) as well as links to external websites—to the wiki page. Users can also easily include knowledge from outside sources through document upload, email integration, and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) content feeds from other websites or blogs.
This service is provided on a shared server with managed disk storage.

Customer Benefits

Wiki Services are useful for project management, information dissemination, project documentation, and scientific discussion. Wikis facilitate collaboration and communication between people in networks and enhance knowledge building, sharing, and searching.

Access to the wiki can be controlled via NIH Login authentication, and the wiki owner can further restrict such access to individual users and NIH Domain groups. The Wiki Service is limited to access from within the NIH network.

Customer Market

This service is available to all NIH customers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: A wiki I want to read says it requires a login to access. Aren't wikis supposed to be open to everyone?
A: The most famous wiki, Wikipedia, is an open wiki allowing anyone to read and edit the wiki. However, Wikipedia is just one implementation of a wiki. Wikis can be wide open or restricted and closed depending on how the owner of the wiki wants to manage access. If you go to a wiki and it says it requires a login, then that means the wiki requires a login to read and edit it. If you feel you should be allowed access, contact the wiki owner.

Q: How should I log in to a wiki that is part of this service?
A: The Kiwi Wiki Service uses NIH Login accounts for access. So, log in to the wiki using your NIH Login username in the form NIH\username and your password. If after logging in you see "Access Denied," then your username and password were correct but the owner of the wiki has not allowed you access. If you feel you should have access, contact the owner of the wiki.

Q. How can I set up a wiki at NIH?
Use the link to the Wiki Request Form on the right side of this page (under More Info).


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This page last reviewed: March 09, 2011