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About Tobacco Control Research Branch (TCRB)

Mission: The mission of the Tobacco Control Research Branch (TCRB) is to lead and collaborate on research, and to disseminate evidence-based findings to prevent, treat, and control tobacco use.

Vision: The vision of TCRB is a world free of tobacco use and related cancer and suffering.

Scientific Priorities:

  • Advertising and marketing of tobacco products
  • Epidemiology and surveillance of tobacco knowledge, attitudes, and behavior
  • Etiology, predictors, correlates, and determinants of tobacco use, nicotine dependence, and cessation
  • Global tobacco control, especially in low and middle income countries
  • Media and policy to reduce tobacco use
  • Other tobacco products, e.g., smokeless tobacco, cigars, roll-your-own, hookah, bidis, etc.
  • Potential Reduced-Exposure Tobacco Products (PREPs)
  • Secondhand smoke
  • Tobacco cessation interventions at the individual, system, and population level
  • Tobacco control interventions for underserved and at-risk populations
  • Tobacco industry documents
  • Tobacco prevention interventions at the individual, system, and population level
  • Tobacco product analysis, e.g., design and composition, constituents and additives, processing, manufacturing
  • Tobacco-related disparities

Branch Fact Sheet (PDF), August 2009

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