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The U.S. Government Bookstore has a wide range of official Government information available electronically on CD-ROM.

CDP File on CD-ROM

Publisher: Health and Human Services Dept., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Description: Quarterly periodical issued on CD-ROM. Subscription price covers issues for 1 year. 1 issue is retained in stock. Subscription service consists of cumulative compact discs. Subscription begins with the next issue after the order is processed. Single copy, $34.00; foreign single copy, $47.60. CDPF. File Code 2S. Item 444-P-01.

Price: $100.00

CMS's Regulations, Manuals (2 CD-ROMs)

Publisher: Health and Human Services Dept., Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Description: Monthly subscription service in CD-ROM format. Each issue supersedes the previous issue. Single copy, $33.00; foreign single copy, $46.20. Includes these CMS Program Manuals: Carrier QA Handbook; Coverage Issues; End Stage Renal Disease Network Organization; Federal Qualified HMOs; Home Health Agency; Hospice; Hospital; Medicare Carriers; Medicare Intermediary; Outpatient Physical Therapy/CORF; Peer Review Organization; Program Integrity; Provider Reimbursement; Renal Dialysis Facility; Rural Health Clinic and Federally Qualified Health Center; Skilled Nursing Facility; State Buy-In; State Medicaid; and State Operations. HCLRM. File Code 2M. Item 444-P-03.

Price: $250.00

Federal Acquisition Regulation: Title 48 of the Code of Federal Regulations and Modifying Documents From the Federal Register (CD-ROM)

Publisher: Government Printing Office

Description: Quarterly periodical issued in CD-ROM format. Single copy, $29.00; foreign single copy, $40.60. FARCD. File Code 2Q. Item 552-D-01.

Price: $79.00

Greening the Government: A Guide to Implementing Executive Order 13101 (CD-ROM)

Publisher: White House Task Force on Recycling

Description: Describes what steps government agencies can take in waste reduction, source separation, and the procurement of recycled content products.

Year/Pages: 2000: CD-ROM and paper insert in plastic case.

Price: $2.00

Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States: Annotated for Statistical Reporting Purposes (CD-ROM)

Publisher: Government Printing Office

Description: Semiannual periodical. Copies of the latest issue are retained in stock for individual purchase. Single copy, $39.00; foreign single copy, $54.60. Intended for use in classification of imported merchandise for rate of duty and statistical purposes. TSACD. File Code 2S. Item 0982-B-03.

Price: $68.00 Add To Cart

Invasion, Intervention, "Intervasion": A Concise History of the United States Army in Operation Uphold Democracy (CD-ROM)

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Army Command and General Staff College

Description: By Walter E. Kretchik, et al. Contains a concise account of the United States Army's role in Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti in September 1994. Its stated objectives included the return to office of the democratically elected president of that country and the creation of a stable and secure environment in which democratic institutions could take hold.

Year/Pages: 1999: CD-ROM in plastic case.

Price: $5.50 Add To Cart

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