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Range Commanders Council The Executive Secretary for the Range Commanders Council has released RCC Document 501-97 which supercedes RCC Document 501-90. All new programs have been directed to utilize the 501-97 format; UDS 501-97 is now available and can be downloaded from the Range Commanders Council (RCC) web site by selecting Publications then Downloads to find the 501-97 document. These files can also be accessed by the following hyperlinks.

In addition to the formal documentation, as received from the Secretariat, RTS has included a modified version of 501APXC, DOC-M (Download 501APXC-M) that paginates the forms listed in 501APXC. DOC which can be used as working papers.

 The following instructions are included as a supplement to the instructions contained in 501CHAPS.DOC and are intended as a “Quick Start”.

UDS 501-97 consists of a single volume, 501CHAPS.DOC including attachments as stated above.

Although there are placeholders in front of UDS Outline Page Descriptions, it is not necessary to include the entire UDS index.  The placeholders can be removed and only those pages used in the document need be listed.  The method used should be noted in the administrative pages of the user document.


The user will note that a single Microsoft Word header and footer has been used for the entire document.  Upon completion of entries for a particular format, a single line with the Revision Number, Date and new format number separates the completed format from the new.

The user will also note that the overflow of text from one page moves to the next page while working on a word processor.  Official UDS instructions do not currently require that a double-dashed (or "equals") separation line and page continuation number precede the overflow text; however, RTS strongly recommends that the user use this method to prevent accidental omissions or misplaced text in hard copies.   The example below uses a manual page break to demonstrate the effect.

RTS also recommends that sequential numbering be included on both the page header and the section header (see example below) so that numbers are readily available on bound documents.  Consequently, when one section overflows onto the next page the next number in the sequence would be used, i.e. 1000.2, 1000.3, etc.. 

=========Date:  December 1998=============1000.1 


 Item No:            01

Requester:        ABC

Supplier:           DEF

Information:       RTS would appreciate feedback on these modified instructions and welcomes any comments, both on the modified instructions as well as the formal document produced by the RCC.

 =========Date:  December 1998=============1020.1 



ORGANIZATION                                                                                 NUMBER OF COPIES:

ADDRESS‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑                                                                           ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑

 Etc…                                                                                                    Etc.

501-97 has no requirement for the UDS format/section number to appear at the bottom right of the page.  
Sequential page numbers are to be included in the center footer for the document
501-97 has no requirement for marking of unclassified documents.