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White House Hosts Series of Meetings on the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and the Affordable Care Act

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Released on: 02/08/2013

The White House Office of National AIDS Policy (ONAP) is hosting a series of regional meetings on the implementation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS).

Apps and Social Media to Show You Care

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Released on: 02/12/2013

For Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together a list of some apps and social media sites you can use to show others you care about them and their health.

Blogs as a Tool for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD)

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day logo

Released on: 02/05/2013

Since 2008, the blog has helped us share information and link to resources for HIV/AIDS Awareness Days such as NBHAAD.

New Media at the 2013 National African American MSM Leadership Conference

Aisha Moore and Meico Whitlock

Released on: 02/05/2013

The importance of new media in the fight against HIV/AIDS was highlighted at the 10th annual National African American MSM Leadership Conference on HIV/AIDS and other Health Disparities in Los Angeles, CA.

Getting Started with Pinterest

Two men using PDA

Released on: 01/29/2013

Pinterest is a social media platform that demonstrates the power of photo sharing, helping users connect through similar interests.

The White House: Opportunities for a Conversation Using New Media Blog

Released on: 01/22/2013

New media allows us to connect and engage in a conversation. According to Pew Internet and American Life's Health Online 2013 Report.

National Day of Service: Locate, Share, Watch, and Pledge

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day logo

Released on: 01/18/2013

Four ways you can use new media to connect to volunteer opportunities and inspire others in honor of MLK.

Pew Online Health 2013 Report

Shanwlus N. Wonzer-Nesbit from Texas Womens University

Released on: 01/17/2013

Pew Internet and American Life Project releases their 2013 Health Report which provides us with information about how people are going online to access health information.

Keep it Brief: Tips for Writing Online

Man holding a tablet device.

Released on: 01/15/2013

At the 2012 Ryan White All Grantee Meeting, the TARGET Center and shared online writing tips with the HIV Community.

Family Planning Providers Key in Fight Against HIV

C. Brazell (L) and V. White (R) of the HHS Office of Population Affairs

Released on: 01/09/2013

Title X Family Planning Program provides HIV/AIDS prevention education on HIV risks, infection prevention, and HIV testing.

5 Years, 900 Blog Posts, 1 Million Page Views screenshot

Released on: 01/08/2013

Five years ago, we launched this blog with the intent of reaching audiences with information on how to use new media.

Trends to Watch in 2013

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Released on: 01/01/2013 asked experts and thought leaders across the Federal and private sectors to predict the new media trends to watch in 2013.

Remember to Use Your Mobile Phones Safely

Highway with cars driving on it.

Released on: 12/21/2012

A holiday reminder from to avoid driving when using mobile devices.

Recapping the mHealth Summit 2012

Released on: 12/18/2012 joined government, health, private sector, industry, academic, and nonprofit leaders to learn and share about how wireless technology is being used to improve health outcomes in HIV Prevention.

Storify: Curating Social Media for Worlds AIDS Day 2012 logo

Released on: 12/11/2012

Using Storify, created a story showing various Federal events and observance activities across a variety of social media on World AIDS Day.

HHS Consultation on HIV among Black Gay and Bisexual Men logo

Released on: 12/07/2012

HHS consultation engages a diverse group of 31 community leaders with more than 14 federal partners to discuss HIV among Black Gay and Bisexual Men.

12 Cities Project Evaluation Highlights Impacts on Coordination of HIV/AIDS Services

Evaluation of the 12 Cities Project

Released on: 12/06/2012

HHS 12 Cities Project evaluation discusses successes and challenges in the coordination of HIV/AIDS services at the Federal level.

More than Facing AIDS: Addressing HIV Stigma with Photo Sharing

Facing AIDS Gallery

Released on: 12/04/2012

As we conclude the fifth year of Facing AIDS, we have seen the many photo-sharing campaigns that address HIV stigma. Today we are highlighting some of those campaigns.

Looking for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Service Providers? There's an App for That.


Released on: 10/30/2012

The HIV/AIDS Prevention and Service Provider Locator app for iPhone and iPad.

Making the New Media Declaration a Reality


Released on: 10/23/2012

The New Media Declaration, a call to action in social media use in the response to HIV/AIDS.

“Prevention and Wellness Across the Life Span”: Highlights from the American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting

Prevention and Wellness Across the Life Span

Released on: 11/13/2012

In late October, joined more than 12,000 public health professionals at the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) 2012 Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Using Your Mobile Phone to Find Health Information: New Data

Man Text Messaging - Isolated

Released on: 11/08/2012

Pew Internet and American Life Project releases new data on using mobile phones to access health information.