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Arbitration for Advocates
An intensive, three-day program designed to enhance the arbitration skills of experienced labor relations practitioners.

Appreciative Inquiry
AI focuses on past and current achievements, moments of exceptional accomplishments and times of great energy and insights.

Negotiation and Mediation Skills for a Changing World
Workshop students will examine and apply different negotiating styles, from positional/distributive to collaborative, and they will explore a variety of mediation styles and methodologies.   Activities and role plays will allow students to practice these t

Arbitration for Advocates in the Federal Sector
This program is designed for both the private and Federal Sectors; both NLRB and FLRA rules will be addressed. This course enhances the arbitration advocacy abilities of experienced labor relations practitioners.

Becoming a Labor Arbitrator
This course is geared toward labor-management practitioners with substantial experience in industrial, labor and employment relations who wish to become labor arbitrators.

Evidence and Witness Examination in Arbitration
This new two-day course offers a special emphasis on evidence and witness examination in labor arbitration and expands upon the Institute's basic course on Arbitration for Advocates.

Facilitation Skills

Mediation Skills for the Workplace
Integrating theory and practice, this workplace mediation course focuses on developing a conceptual understanding of the mediation process as applied to workplace issues.

Negotiation Skills
From the traditional to Interest-Based Bargaining and everything in between, develop the negotiation style that’s right for you and your climate.