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Connectivity Services (9)

  • 102 Paging Network Support

    To Provide 102 Paging Network Support for the NIH pager System, to include provisioning, repair, and RF antenna coverage for NIH issued pagers.

  • Cable Management - Inter/Intra Building Connectivity

    Inter/Intra Building Connectivity provides Voice, Wide Area Network (WAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), and Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity via the Copper and Fiber Optic backbone systems to support the NIH IT Infrastructure to include Horizontal cabling. These Systems connect NIH locations on and off the Bethesda Campus.

  • Distributed Antenna System

    Distributed Antenna System provides an enhanced in-building signal for mobile device connectivity to NIH staff and visitors.

  • Facilities Network Services (FACnet)

    FACnet services enabled facility to have direct control over who enters a building or a section of a building by way of badges. Additional benefits include reduced energy costs, reduced personnel costs, and security for NIH personnel.

  • Network Security Services

    Network Security services are fee-for-service options that enable NIH applications to enhance their security controls above what is provided by the Perimeter Security offered to all of NIHnet.

  • NIHnet Extranet Site-To-Site VPN Service

    The NIHnet Extranet Site-To-Site VPN Service serves as a vehicle for NIH personnel, mainframes, and servers to exchange information and data securely with NIH business partners, associates, and other external entities. The NIH Extranet DMZ also provides hosting services to other agencies and business partners. Hosted servers or applications would be located logically just outside of the NIH perimeter but still be protected from the Internet by the Extranet DMZ firewalls.

  • NIHnet Remote Access Service

    NIHnet Remote Access Service is the official remote access service for connectivity to NIH network from external networks.

  • NIHnet Wireless Network Service

    NIHnet Wireless Network Service improves mobile connectivity by allowing  wireless access to the Internet by anyone at NIH.

  • Two-Way Radio Services

    The Two-Way Radio Services provide communication services to assist for the NIH Police and NIH Fire Department with emergency that effect the NIH community. These services include radio provisioning , radio programming, radio set-up, equipment repair, and RF antenna coverage expansion.

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This page last reviewed: August 05, 2010