National Institutes of Health Women Scientist Advisors Committee
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NIH, Intramural Research Sourcebook, Women Scientist Advisors.

NIH Fellows Committee (FelCom)

Women in Biomedical Careers
NIH, Department of Health and Human Services.

Diversity Resources: Office of Intramural Training and Education. NIH

Resources for Women: Office of Intramural Training and Education. NIH

WoCRn. Women of Color Research Network.  A new social media site designed to support and mentor women of color in the sciences. NIH seeks to pursue, in a new way, the innovative capacity and enhanced inclusion of women of color in the research enterprise, both at NIH, and throughout the scientific community. WoCRN welcomes all scientists interested in raising the voice and visibility of women of color in biomedical and behavioral research.

NIH Sister Scientists Club (SSC) .
SSC is a social group for all female NIH postdoctoral, clinical, and visiting fellows or contractors, working at a similar level. The mission of SSC is to provide a supportive, nonjudgmental environment for female fellows to network, give and receive advice, and develop their scientific careers in the company of other women scientists.  SSC meets every other Thursday in Bethesda. 

. Association for Women in Science. Bethesda Chapter.   
Members are actively engaged in scientific research, education, administration and policy activities, and are employed in federal agencies, academia, business, and non-profit organizations.

NIH Child Care.
This NIH Child Care Co-ordination Team site includes everything you need to know about NIH child care including information on the NIH Child Care Subsidy Progam, resource and referral services, NIH sponsored child care centers, the NIH Child Care Board, NIH child care surveys and studies, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and more.

A forum for all women involved in the technical aspects of computing. Systers is the world's largest email community of technical women in computing, with over 3,000 members in at least 54 countries.

AAUW. American Association of University Women.

MidAtlantic HERC. MidAtlantic Higher Education Recruitment Consortium. NIH is a member of the MidAtlantic HERC: a collaborative response of member institutes to the many challenges of academic recruitment and retention. Of particular interest to the MidAtlantic HERC is finding effective ways to assist the spouses and partners of faculty and staff to secure area employment and ways to address issues of faculty and staff diversity.

Extend-The-Clock provision for tenure track. The clock has been extended to seven years (nine for clinical or epidemiological research).

Mentoring: A Guide to training and Mentoring in the Intramural Research Program at NIH

Leave Bank: The NIH Leave Bank offers income protection to eligible NIH Leave Bank members who are affected by a personal or family medical emergency. [Currently (2011) membership is limited to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), or National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) federal employees. NIH is hoping to offer this leave sharing benefit to all federal employees NIH-Wide in 2012; contingent on the amount of support received by NIH Community in 2011].

NIH Back-up Care program. NIH has contracted with Bright Horizons to offer NIH employees back-up care when they need to be at work and their regular child or adult/elder care is unavailable, for example: Your regular caregiver or stay at home spouse is unavailable; you are transitioning between child and adult/elder care arrangements; your child's regular center or school is closed; your adult/elder relative is ill or needs temporary assistance; or your child is mildly ill at home.  NIH employees have access to: center-based child care, in-home child care, in home mildly-ill child care, in-home adult/elder care, self-care.

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