National Institutes of Health Women Scientist Advisors Committee
How your WSA representatives are chosen. 

The WSA representing each institute should (preferably) be a senior woman scientist of high standing who is familiar with the NIH.  Each WSA is elected by the women scientists of her IC and serves a two-year term. A WSA can be elected for a second two-year term, but may not serve for more than a total of two terms. The IC women scientists can decide to elect an alternate, or a WSA-elect, to serve as back-up. The Scientific Directors approved the following procedure for selection of WSAs at their meeting of February 3, 1993:

1. Nomination of the WSA will be the result of an open election by both tenured and non-tenured women scientists in the intramural program of that IC. At the option of the Scientific Director, one or more names will be recommended from the elected candidates. The Scientific Director will appoint the WSA.        

2. In the case where the pool of intramural women scientists is too small from a given IC, WSA candidates can be directly recommended from a committee meeting of the women scientists, and the WSA selected by the Scientific Director.            

Elections should be held in either April or October, so that brief orientations can be held for new WSAs in May/November.

Please go to the Member List page of this web site to find the WSA for your institute.  

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