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Lawton Chiles International House (Stone House)

Fogarty's Stone House front entrance

The Fogarty International Center's Stone House
is the site of many seminars and international
conferences, as well as receptions for dignitaries
and visiting heads of state.

Stone House front door

The Fogarty International Center's Stone House
is the site of many seminars and international
conferences, as well as receptions for
dignitaries and visiting heads of state.

Living room with view of fireplace and tall windows hung with curtains

The Stone House living room with

Dining room, lit by chandelier, with table filled with serving dishes of food, fireplace in the background

The dining room of the Stone House
is perfect for stand-up receptions or
seating for 16 people.

The Lawton Chiles International House, a part of the Fogarty International Center, symbolizes the commitment of the National Institutes of Health to international cooperation to improve the health of people worldwide. The house serves as the venue for many international events in biomedical research and global health from small seminars to international conferences, as well as receptions for visiting heads of state and other dignitaries. The main floor of the house consists of a conference room, dining room, drawing room, library and kitchen.

Named for former Senator Lawton Chiles, a member of Congress from Florida from 1971 to 1989, the Lawton Chiles International House is part of Fogarty International Center. Each year, more than 250 events are held at the Stone House. It is also the base for Fogarty's Scholars-in-Residence Program, under which eminent U.S. and foreign scientists are invited to the NIH campus to interact with the scientific community and to conduct advanced studies on topics of biomedicine and international health.

For information about availability and reservations, please contact Michelle Jean-Pierre at or 301-496-1215. 

Description of Conference Facilities

Conference Room - The conference room will accommodate a maximum of 75 people depending on the configuration of the room. The conference room can be arranged theatre style, classroom style, U-shaped, or other table arrangements.

Library - The Library can accommodate 8-10 people for small breakout meetings.

Dining Facilities - The dining facilities can accommodate up to 16 people seated at the dining room table to a maximum of 175 for a stand-up reception.

Equipment - Equipment available includes: podium with speakers, microphones, LCD projector and laptop PC, slide projector, overhead projector, screen, blackboard, and easel.


Use of the Conference and Reception Facilities

The house is intended for use for NIH international and scientific events sponsored by NIH staff. International and scientific conferences and workshops will normally be limited to three (3) days and other meetings to one (1) day. The following priorities for reservation and use of the house will be observed:

  • FIC conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, and official entertainment related to them
  • Official entertainment related to international programs of NIH and/or DHHS
  • NIH-sponsored international and scientific conferences, seminars, and workshops
  • Official entertainment functions related to NIH research programs
  • Press conferences

The house also can be used for other activities, as available and on approval of the FIC Executive Officer.

The House Cannot Be Used for the Following Activities:

  • Fund-raising events
  • Political events
  • Social events not associated with the official representational responsibilities of government officials
  • Meetings for administrative purposes; (e.g., study sections, retreats, training courses)

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