Entry Authorization Procedures  Updated: 01/25/13

USAKA/RTS Entry Authorizations (EAs) are processed on the Internet-based on-line system called “READ” (RTS Entry Authorization Database). READ provides you an automated, user-friendly method of requesting and receiving permission to travel to the island. Requests for entry into Kwajalein must be submitted at least seven (7) U.S. working days prior to departing the U.S. for travel. Submission later than 7 days may not be approved and could delay travel. Four copies of the approved EA must be hand carried with one copy provided to the airlines before boarding the aircraft in Honolulu. Additional EA copies will be used at site in the entry/exit process.

Travelers to Kwajalein must have a site POC (Site Sponsor) established with a full understanding of the nature of the mission and rationale for the visit prior to submission of the READ request. A Site Sponsor (SS) will be selected from a pull-down list while completing the READ form. The pull-down list will also contain the SS’s Kwajalein phone number (805.355.XXXX) in the event the traveler has an EA inquiry.
Again, travelers should contact the SS to work out entry issues.

Visitors to the island must create an account on the new system. The procedures are as simple as creating a free Email account such as Hotmail or Yahoo mail. Simply click on the link below or launch a browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator versions 7.0 or higher) and enter the URL https://www.smdc.army.mil/Read2/login.aspx instructions on the screen are self-explanatory, and are repeated below for convenience. 

New security features for those users with Internet Explorer 7.0:  You maybe prompted to choose a security certificate or receive a message regarding a problem with the website's security certificate.  Just click on through these messages  or choose continue on to the website and you will eventually receive the READ login page.  In order to avoid the security prompts in the future, add the READ link to the trusted sites under Tools, Internet Options and the Security tab in your Internet Explorer.

If you are accessing READ using a MacIntosh, for best results use the FireFox browser.  You may experience a problem with menu items not being available if you use the Safari browser.

READ users with Internet Explorer version 8 or higher, may be experiencing problems with READ kicking you out and back to the login page. Please ensure that the READ window is the ONLY internet window open on your computer. If you are still experiencing this issue, there are 2 things you can do:

With an IE window open:

1. Go to Tools, then Compatibility View Settings and check the box Display all websites in Compatibility View then click Close

2. Also under Tools, then Internet Options under the General tab and the Browsing history section click the Delete button to clear ALL history, then Apply and OK. Then close ALL IE windows and open a new IE window and go to the READ site and proceed with login.

  • Click on “Sign up now" to Access READ
  • Enter data into the requested fields (mandatory fields are denoted by a “*”)
  • Click “Submit” and an Email will be sent to the Email account you stated in the “Email Address” field of the user registration form (this will be your User Name on the READ system)
  • Open the Email  and Click on the link. This will take you back to READ for your initial login
  • Login to READ for the first time using your full Email address as your user name and “password” (case sensitive) as your password
    • You will be presented with a screen to change your password from “password” to your own personal password you select
  • Change your password (this must be changed every 6 months)
  • Use the system to request visit approval

After the visitor submits his/her request and the visit is approved, the visitor will receive an Email message notifying him/her to log in to READ and print the approved Entry Authorization form.  Visitors no longer have to wait for a fax copy of the Entry Authorization form.  They can request visits and print their Entry Authorization form from any computer connected to the Internet (in a hotel, the office, or at home). The program allows you to request multiple visits, modify existing visits, and cancel visit requests.  Visit requests will be processed in a few days. If you have any problems/questions regarding your entry authorization in READ, please contact Cheryl Hodgdon at cheryl.s.hodgdon.ctr@mail.mil  Other issues regarding your trip or stay at Kwajalein should be addressed with your Site Sponsor.

United Airlines and AMC require an approved entry authorization before allowing passengers to board an aircraft bound for Kwajalein. Passengers without an approval will not be allowed to board the aircraft.
All civilian travelers MUST have a passport to re-enter the U.S. on United Airlines.
Birth certificates with photo identification are NO longer accepted by United for travelers re-entering the U.S.



*New PASSPORT requirements for travel by land or sea began January 2008 as directed by Homeland Security.
A passport is required for ALL civilian travelers to and from Kwajalein via either ATI (Military) or United. This is due to any flight changes that may affect your mode of travel.
For military personnel, your id and travel orders are required, passport is not necessary, but you must also have an approved Entry Authorization (EA) from READ.

Security Clearances

If the visit will involve discussion or disclosure of classified information or material, a Visit Request/Authorization must be furnished verifying the security clearance of the individual and the purpose of the visit. The verification will bear the appropriate signature of the visitor's security manager verifying the individual personnel security clearance of the visitor(s). Visit request information submitted via JPAS, must be sent SMO W4T8AA6.  In addition, verification from government contractors must have a government sponsor's certification of need to know. The verification of clearance can be valid for a period of one year. Security clearances must be addressed to: Commander, USAKA/RTS, ATTN: SMDC-RDW-KP, APO AP 96555.  Clearances not sent through JPAS can be faxed to DSN: 254-2122, Commercial: (805) 355-2122, Attention: Security Clearance

Arrival at USAKA/RTS

USAKA/RTS is located in a foreign country and requires official documentation for entry to and exit from the installation. This documentation consists of an Information Sheet (completed at the time of entry), a “K-badge” (permanent residents, only), an Entry Authorization valid for the date of entry, and a photo ID.  If you are in possession of a Common Access Card (CAC), it will be your I.D. If not, you will be issued a photo I.D. for on-Island purposes.

All personnel returning to the U.S. from USAKA/RTS are subject to the requirements of the US Immigration and Naturalization Service. All personnel returning to the U. S. are required to present a passport. Non U.S. Citizens must have the proper documentation to reenter the U.S. Documentation includes valid foreign passport and the accompanying valid U. S. Visa or a valid U. S. Alien Registration Card (Permanent Resident Card) INS Form 551 - commonly known as a Green Card. All documentation must be current.

Valid Passports are required for all civilian passengers to re-enter the US from Kwajalein on all air and sea transportation.
Currently, a visa from the Republic of the Marshall Islands is not required.

Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted at all major retail facilities ((AAFES PX, Pxtra, Shopette, and Kwaj Lodge). Cards that are accepted include American Express, VISA and Master Card.  ATM's are available at several public locations for your convenience with a daily limit of $400 and a $2.00 fee

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. What documentation must I have to return to the U.S.

A. A passport is required for all civilian travelers to and from Kwajalein via either ATI (Military) or United. This is due to any flight changes that may affect your mode of travel. For Military, your military id and travel orders are required for entry back into the States.

Q. Do I need a passport to travel to Kwajalein?

A. A civilian passport is required for all civilian travelers to Kwajalein via either ATI (Military) or United. This is due to any flight changes that may affect your mode of travel.  . For Military, your military ID, travel orders  and READ EA are required for travel to Kwajalein.

Q. I will be arriving two days later than my approved entry authorization reflects. Must I submit a new request?

A. No. As long as your arrival date comes within 7 days from the original date, a new request is not required; however, your POC (Site Sponsor) should be notified for billeting purposes. If you will be arriving before the approved arrival date, you may contact the READ admin listed above on this website to change your dates or enter a new EA. If you plan to stay longer than your departure date, that can be taken care of when you arrive at Kwaj.  All dates should be coordinated with your Site Sponsor.  

Q. I am a contractor and I would like to fly AMC to Kwajalein. What do I need to do to get booked on AMC?

A. You must contact your government sponsor. It is their responsibility to get you booked on an AMC flight and provide appropriate orders.

Q. How can my spouse reach me while on TDY to USAKA/RTS?

A. The commercial number for the Kwaj Lodge is (805) 355-3477 or DSN 254-3477.

Q. I have an approved entry authorization; however, I was denied access to a classified meeting. Why?

A. Many visitors are unaware that an entry authorization approval and a visit request/ authorization are two different documents. If your visit will involve discussion or disclosure of classified information or material, see the procedure for processing clearances as described in "Security Clearances". An approved entry authorization is strictly for permission of island entry.

Q. Who arranges accommodations at the Kwaj Lodge for me?

A. The on-island POC (Site Sponsor) makes reservations for you.

Q. When I travel to other army bases in countries overseas, I am required to obtain in-country/theater clearance. Is this applicable to Kwajalein?

A. No, in-country/theater clearance is not required.

Q. How do I, as a contractor, figure my grade equivalency and what kind of accommodations can I expect?

A. USAKA applies the following guidelines:

Military Rank

Civil Service


Contractor Equivalent

Category Authorized

COL & Above

GM-15 & Above

CEO, President, Vice President or comparable position as approved by USAKA Protocol



GS-12 thru 14

Senior managers below VP to one level below Site Manager


E-7 thru CPT

GS-6 thru 11

Other supervisory personnel and managers. Positions normally requiring baccalaureate degree or equivalent experience


E-1 thru E-6

GS-1 thru 5

All others.


DV: Designated Distinguished Visitor (DV) quarters
PB: Private bath, single occupancy.
SB: Shared bath; double occupancy
MCL: Common latrine; multiple occupancy.

Q. What is the per diem rate for Kwajalein?

A. Total per diem for Kwajalein is $176; lodging is $130 and M&IE is $46.

Q. What is the time difference?

A. USAKA/RTS is on the other side of the international date line; therefore, they are one day ahead of CONUS. USAKA/RTS is 18 hours ahead of Central Standard Time (CST). For example, 9:00 am on November 5th CST is 3:00 am on November 6th. USAKA/RTS does not change to Daylight Savings Time; therefore, when CONUS is on Daylight Savings Time, the time difference is 17 hours from Central Daylight Time (CDT). The easiest way to figure the time is to subtract 6 hours from CST and it’s the next day. CDT – subtract 7 hours and it’s the next day.

Q. What is the normal work schedule in Kwajalein?

A. The employees at USAKA/RTS work a Tuesday through Saturday work schedule to coincide with the CONUS Monday through Friday work schedule. 0730 – 1630 is the most common time schedule with a one hour lunch time between 1130 – 1230 or 1200 –1300.