June 2010

Bright Idea: Principal Investigators

Engaging Youth in Community Research

How do you help homeless young people in rural communities get back on their feet? You ask them what they need. And there’s no one better to survey young people than young people themselves.

At least, that’s what the Colorado Department of Human Services found when they began working with the Youth Leadership Team at Hilltop Community Resources on a community survey to determine whether adults and teens think youth homelessness is a problem in Montrose County and, if so, what services are needed.

New Federal Strategy Seeks to End Family, Child and Youth Homelessness in 10 Years

 Today the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness unveiled the nation’s first-ever comprehensive strategy to prevent and end homelessness:
Opening Doors: Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness” (PDF, 2.15 MB)

Primary Sources: Technology in the Lives of Young People

Cell phones, social networking websites and other new forms of media are indispensable communication tools for many young people. Recent research delves into how young people use digital devices, and the implications these trends have for adolescent health.


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Right on the Money: Annual Funds Offer Unrestricted Possibilities

Like any grant-dependent nonprofit, The Oasis Center, a youth-serving agency in Nashville, TN, faces a financial challenge: Nearly every grant or corporate donation comes with constraints on how the money can be used. These are restricted gifts, in fundraising-speak, and can only be used for a particular program or purpose. But at the same time, the center needs to keep the lights on and pay for unforeseen needs.

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