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A project of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women's Health

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A project of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women's Health

Empowering women to live healthier lives!

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National staff

Nancy C. Lee, M.D.
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health – Women's Health
Director, Office on Women's Health

Phone: 202-690-7650
Email: WomensHealth@hhs.gov

Frances E. Ashe-Goins, R.N., M.P.H.
Deputy Director
Phone: 202-690-6373
Email: Frances.Ashe-Goins@hhs.gov

Barbara F. James, M.P.H.
Director, Division of Program Coordination
Phone: 202-205-2551
Email: Barbara.James@hhs.gov

Valerie Borden, M.P.A.
Director, Division of Outreach and Collaboration
Phone: 202-205-0270
Email: Valerie.Borden@hhs.gov

R. Ann Abercrombie, M.L.S.
Program Manager for womenshealth.gov and girlshealth.gov
Phone: 202-401-9588
Email: Ann.Abercrombie@hhs.gov

Stephanie Alexander, M.S.
Public Health Advisor
Phone: 202-401-9546
Email: Stephanie.Alexander@hhs.gov

Melanie Berryman-Gordon
Staff Assistant
Phone: 202-205-2357
Email: Melanie.BerrymanGordon@hhs.gov

Martha (Marty) D. Bond, M.A.
Senior Public Health Advisor
Phone: 202-401-9587
Email: WomensHealth@hhs.gov

Mary L. Bowers, M.S.W.
Public Health Advisor
Phone: 202-260-0020
Email: Mary.Bowers@hhs.gov

Babette Couser
Staff Assistant
Phone: 202-205-0510
Email:  Babette.Couser@hhs.gov

Monique Davis
Program Analyst
Phone: 202-205-3954
Email: Monique.Davis@hhs.gov

Barbara Disckind
Technical Writer
Phone: 202-260-2836
Email: Barbara.Disckind@hhs.gov

Kaye Hayes, M.P.A.
Senior Policy Advisor
Phone: 202-205-2003
Email: Kaye.Hayes@hhs.gov

Suzanne Haynes, Ph.D.
Senior Science Advisor
Phone: 202-205-2623
Email: Suzanne.Haynes@hhs.gov

Loretta Jones
Staff Assistant
Phone: 202-401-9583
Email: Loretta.Jones@hhs.gov

Judith Labiner-Wolfe, Ph.D.
Evaluation Specialist
Phone: 202-260-0904
Email: Judith.Labiner-Wolfe@hhs.gov

Aleisha Langhorne, M.P.H., M.H.S.A.
Health Scientist Administrator
Phone: 202-401-8325
Email: Aleisha.Langhorne@hhs.gov

Brooke Leggin
Program Analyst
Phone: 202-205-2373
Email: Brooke.Leggin@hhs.gov

Ledia I. Martínez, M.D., M.P.H.
Regional Women's Health Liaison
Phone: 202-205-1960
Email: Ledia.Martinez@hhs.gov

Emmett Nixon
Staff Assistant
Phone: 202-260-2845
Email: Emmett.Nixon@hhs.gov

Linda Price
Staff Assistant
Phone: 202-205-2628
Email: Linda.Price@hhs.gov

Susan Russell Sanders, M.S.
Public Health Advisor
Phone: 202-690-5414
Email: Susan.Sanders@hhs.gov

Ursuline Singleton
Public Health Analyst
Phone: 202-260-0217
Email: Ursuline.Singleton@hhs.gov

Adrienne Smith, Ph.D., M.S., C.H.E.S.
Public Health Advisor
Phone: 202-690-5884
Email: Adrienne.Smith@hhs.gov

Calvin Teel, M.S.
Public Health Advisor for the Office on Women's Health National Bone Health Campaign (NBHC)
Phone: 202-260-8414
Email: Calvin.Teel@hhs.gov

Henrietta Terry, M.S.
Public Health Advisor
Phone: 202-205-1952
Email: Henrietta.Terry@hhs.gov

Jill Wasserman, M.P.H.
Health Education Specialist
Phone: 202-260-9275
Email: Jill.Wasserman1@hhs.gov

Mary Worstell
Senior Advisor to the Director
Phone: 202-690-7761
Email: Mary.Worstell2@cms.hhs.gov

Content last updated April 20, 2012.

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