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  • ESC/iPSC


    Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are pluripotent stem cells derived from the inner cell mass of the blastocyst. Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are a type of pluripotent stem cell derived from an adult somatic cell by inducing forced expression of specific genes. Learn more about ESCs/iPSCs.

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  • MSC


    Mesenchymal Stem Cells are multipotent stem cells that give rise to a variety of cell types: bone cells (osteocytes), cartilage cells (chondrocytes), fat cells (adipocytes), and other kinds of connective tissue cells, such as those in tendons. Learn more about MSCs.

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  • NSC


    Neural Stem Cells (NSCs) are multipotent stem cells in the brain that give rise to its three major cell types: nerve cells (neurons) and two categories of non-neuronal cells—astrocytes and oligodendrocytes. Learn more about NSCs.

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  • Others


    Information on this page is related to adult stem cells that do not fall within the HSC, MSC or NSC lineages. The majority of this work involves the development of functional liver cells (hepatocytes) and other endodermal lineages. Learn more about other stem cells.

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  • HSC


    A hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) is a cell isolated from the blood or bone marrow that can renew itself. Learn more about HSCs.

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Mahendra Rao, M.D., Ph.D. Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology Chief

NIH CRM Director

Dr. Mahendra Rao is internationally renowned for his research involving human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and other somatic stem cells. » Read more about Dr. Rao.

Our Mission

The NIH Center for Regenerative Medicine (NIH CRM) is a community resource that works to provide the infrastructure to support and accelerate the clinical translation of stem cell-based technologies... » Learn more about our mission.

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The NIH CRM is located in Building 50 of the NIH campus, Bethesda, Maryland. Contact us at or 301-402-6956.» Learn more about visiting the NIH campus.

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