December 2009

Bright Idea: Doulas Support Young Moms

Most youth probably aren’t familiar with the word doula. But some young women have come to know its meaning quite profoundly through the Community-based Doula Project in Chicago, Atlanta, Denver and other locations across the nation.

Primary Sources: Bolstering Mental Health Among Young People

Many young people need mental health services, but youth from particular groups may be more likely to experience poor mental health. Victims of intimate partner violence, homeless youth, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth, for example, are at greater risk of becoming depressed or suicidal, using drugs, or having trouble at school. The latest research presents findings on these populations and suggests ways to help them.

Right on the Money: Staying on Course Amid the Recession

As we near 2010, the slowing unemployment rate and a gradual rise in consumer spending have given hope that the recession may be nearly over. But nonprofits and charities, particularly those that assist hard-hit youth and families, continue to face the challenge of serving more people while bringing in fewer dollars.

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