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Cancer Query Systems: Delay-Adjusted SEER Incidence Rates

The Canques database provides delay-adjusted rates (age-specific and age-adjusted) and the corresponding delay-adjustment ratios. The ratio is computed as the delay-adjusted rate divided by the unadjusted rate, and is almost always greater than one. The rates are presented by cancer site, age, race, sex, and year of diagnosis. The delay-adjusted and unadjusted rates from the SEER Cancer Statistics ReviewExternal Web Site Policy can be obtained from this database. The delay-adjustment ratios can be used to delay-adjust similar data.

The Canques database has:

  • SEER 9 delay adjusted rates and delay adjustment factors,
  • SEER 13-9 delay adjustment factors,
  • SEER 13 delay adjusted rates.

To produce SEER 13 delay adjusted rates, the methodology and formula are described in the section on the SEER 13 Delay Model page.

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