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NIH Stem Cell Libraries and Projects

Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC)

The goal of the Mammalian Gene Collection at NIH is to provide full-length open reading frame (FL-ORF) clones for human, mouse, and rat genes. As part of this effort, several human cDNA libraries from embryonic stem cell lines have been constructed. All sequences are deposited into GenBank, and the cDNA clones are available from the I.M.A.G.E. Consortium. The following hES cell lines generated these MGC libraries:

The Cancer Genome Anatomy Project (CGAP)

The goal of the NCI's Cancer Genome Anatomy Project is to determine the gene expression profiles of normal, precancer, and cancer cells. All data is publicly available, and the website has developed unique bioinformatic tools to analyze the vast amount of data generated. One method used to measure gene expression is Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE). CGAP has adopted a novel approach, SAGE Genie, for reliably matching SAGE tags, either 10bp (short) or 17 bp (long), to known genes.

CGAP has constructed several embryonic stem cell libraries (short and long) for SAGE analysis and offers a unique opportunity within the SAGE Anatomic Viewer tool to compare the expression of an individual gene among these libraries. The following five hES cell lines were used to prepare 5 long and 1 short SAGE Genie libraries: