Call Report Submission Process

Bankers are required to transmit their data through the Internet to the Central Data Repository (CDR). This process requires bankers to resolve all edit failures prior to submitting their data to the CDR (data validation). Call Report software vendors provide software to assist bankers in meeting the agencies' data validation requirements.

The CDR provides for a secure and accurate receipt of data by the regulators. Therefore, once Call Report data have been received, re-validated, and accepted by the CDR, they will be made available for general use by agency analysts, financial institutions, and the public. Clearly, the more current the data, the more useful they are for analysis and planning.

Beginning in March 2007, the agencies began posting individual bank Call Report data on the CDR Public Data Distribution web site 15 calendar days after the report date.  However, no individual bank data will be posted until at least 6 hours after that data has been accepted by the agencies and is incorporated within the CDR.

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