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Training Requirements

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NIH Policy Manual 3040-2, Animal Care and Use in the Intramural Program, requires that all personnel who work with animals be adequately trained to perform the tasks that are required by their job. The Manual identifies Principal Investigators and Animal Users as two categories of personnel for whom specific training courses are provided. Each course consists of a discussion of the following subjects:

  • the organizational structure of the NIH Intramural Animal Care and Use Program;
  • current laws, regulations and guidelines for the care and use of animals in research;
  • responsibilities to use animals humanely;
  • alternatives to the use of animals and alternatives for painful procedures;
  • the prevention and/or alleviation of pain and distress;
  • proper use of anesthetics and/or analgesics;
  • requirements for properly performing survival surgery;
  • issues related to animal euthanasia;
  • appropriate methods for resolving concerns about the care and use of animals;
  • additional educational and training opportunities that are available through the Office of Animal Care and Use.

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