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Password Management Services

Password Management Services offer several management and reporting services of value to IC IT professionals and administrators. CIT also provides legacy support to Novell systems. For details regarding some of the available services and tools, see the FAQs below,

IT professionals who need more information about this service may request assistance by submitting a ticket through the NIH IT Service Desk.

Customer Benefits

CIT provides tools to support ever-changing password requirements in an enterprise environment.

Customer Market

This service is available to NIH, HRSA, and NIHEXT customers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Password change policies are increasingly complex, what do you have in the way of notification and reporting?
A: The Password Expiration Notification Service sends email notices to all staff on established schedules to alert users before their passwords expire. CIT also sends monthly enrollment reminders about the service to all NIH users not registered for the Password Self-Service. On request, CIT can send daily reminders to an IC’s non-registered users. CIT provides reporting services on user registration statistics to all ICs. Please contact the NIH IT Service Desk for the currently available offerings.
Q: What other password management tools do you offer?
A: Novell E-Directory Password Synchronization provides password synchronization between Active Directory and the legacy Netware NOS environments at NIH.


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This page last reviewed: March 09, 2011