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Resources on Newsmaking Research

Want to know more about some of the research topics making headlines today? Follow the links below to explore related resources available on the NIGMS Web site. We also offer a list of media contacts by topic.

Modeling Infectious Diseases
A network of scientists participating in the NIGMS Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study (MIDAS) is using high-performance computers to simulate the spread of infectious diseases, including pandemic flu and MRSA, and to evaluate the potential effectiveness of different interventions.

The MIDAS Web site includes links to background information, news releases, scientific publications and a fact sheet.

NIGMS Nobelists
NIGMS could be considered a “Nobel Prize Institute” because of its strong track record of funding scientists who receive this high honor. These investigators perform cutting-edge basic research that is the foundation for understanding normal life processes and mechanisms of disease. Nobel Prizes and other awards recognize the breadth and significance of these findings.

The Nobelists fact sheet offers examples of NIGMS-funded prize-winning work, and the full list of the laureates NIGMS has supported includes links to news releases that offer additional resources.  

Personalized Medicine
Everyone responds differently to medicines. One reason: differences in genes. NIGMS-supported scientists nationwide are studying how a person’s genetic makeup affects his or her response to certain drugs, including treatments for cancer, heart disease, stroke and asthma. The results ultimately could lead to more accurate doses, new drugs and improved health care.

The NIH Pharmacogenomics Research Network Web site includes links to background information, news releases and articles and frequently asked questions about pharmacogenomics.

Research Training, Workforce Development and Diversity
A variety of NIGMS-supported programs at the undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral and faculty levels train scientists and develop a strong, diverse biomedical and behavioral research workforce. Through these efforts, NIGMS helps assure the continued vitality and productivity of the research enterprise.

The Training, Workforce Development, and Diversity Web site includes links to program descriptions, news releases and articles, the NIGMS research training strategic plan and many other resources.

Stem Cell Research
Stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body. NIGMS-supported investigators across the country are using these cells to better understand how humans and other organisms develop and how we replace damaged cells with healthy ones throughout our lives. Stem cell research could also ultimately lead to cell-based therapies for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

The Stem Cell Initiatives Web site includes links to background information, news releases and meeting reports.  

This page last reviewed on December 26, 2012