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How Do I Correct Errors or Warnings During the Application Submission Process?

If your application had system-identified errors (the system found your application did not comply with the application instructions) you must correct these errors and submit a changed/corrected application to on or before the submission deadline. Warnings advise you to double check to be sure your application complies with the instructions; warnings will not stop an application from completing the electronic submission process but should be corrected if necessary. Any submissions to correct errors or warnings MUST be done before the submission deadline (5PM local time of the due date) for the application to move forward for consideration by NIH. Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered late and subject to NIH’s late policy, and these are rarely accepted.

Follow these steps to submit a changed/corrected application to

  1. Open the copy of the application you have saved on your computer.

  2. Check the "Changed/Corrected Application" box of the SF 424 (R&R) form.
    • Note: Do not use the changed/corrected application box to denote a submission of a revised or amended application. This should be indicated in the Type of Application.
  3. When you check the changed/corrected application box, then the Federal Identifier becomes a required field.

  4. What you will need to enter into the Federal Identifier field for a changed/corrected application will depend on whether you are submitting a:
    • "New" application - enter the tracking number for the previous application you are correcting. If you are unable to recall the tracking number, enter "N/A."
    • "Resubmission," "Renewal," or "Revision" application - enter the IC and serial number of the previously assigned application/award number (e.g., CA987654).
  5. If you are submitting this changed/corrected application after the due date, be sure to document the reason for the late submission in the form of a cover letter. NIH makes no guarantees that applications submitted after the due date will be accepted. See the NIH late policy for more information.

  6. When you have made all of your corrections, save the changed/corrected application to your computer.

  7. The Authorized Organization Representative/Signing Official submits the changed/corrected application package to

  8. The applicant tracks the changed/corrected application through to the eRA Commons to view the application image or the errors/warnings received during the validation process. It is the applicant’s responsibility to track the application through to the eRA Commons. If you cannot view your application image in the Commons, NIH can’t review your application! Successful submission could take several rounds of changed/corrected applications, since correcting one error may reveal an additional error.

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This page last updated on October 23, 2012
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