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Carry the Constitution with you! Makes a great teaching tool! We offer a 20% bulk discount on purchases of 25 or more. Fits perfectly in any pocket.
    The images in this postcard set portray the shared struggles and triumphs of "regular folk" whose lives were changed forever by the Tennessee Valley Authority.
      What is a Federal court? How were Federal courts established? What kind of Federal courts are there? What is the purpose of a trial? These and many other questions about our court system are answered in this educational activity book.
        More than 350,000 women volunteered to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces in World War II. This volume is a compelling account of these volunteers' groundbreaking efforts.
          Almost a Miracle offers an illuminating portrait of America's triumph, offering vivid descriptions of all the major engagements, from the first shots fired on Lexington Green to the surrender of General Cornwallis at Yorktown.
            Original documents are the raw stuff of history. They are physical links to the past. The original documents of the U.S. Government--those that have been identified as having permanent value--are preserved and made available to the public by NARA.
              American Women & World War II
                This important guide describes records in the National Archives and Presidential libraries that relate to American women who interacted with and eventually formed a part of the Nation's military service organizations.
                  Atoms for Peace: Milestone Documents in the National Archives
                    Attachments: Faces and Stories from America's Gates (hardcover)
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