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During the depths of the Great Depression of the 1930s and into the early years of World War II, the Federal Government as one of its efforts to employ some of the millions of Americans then without work supported the arts in unprecedented ways.
    This keepsake edition of Barack Obama’s inaugural address also includes writings by two great American thinkers and writers whose words have influenced and inspired the 44th President.
      Franklin D. Roosevelt Inaugural Address of 1933
        Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Perspective
          Judgment Days
            Lincoln in 3-D
              "The wives of the presidents of the United States have begun to emerge recently as subjects for serious scholarly investigation on their own merits..."
                This publication focuses on the elements that combined to achieve that success: the grand vision and the hard science―the imagination and engineering—the poetry and power that characterized so much of the Kennedy Presidency.
                  The Untold Story of how Abraham Lincoln used the Telegraph to win the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln became president of a divided nation during a period of both technological and social revolution.
                    It's a short oath of office for a very big job: President of the United States. Forty-three people have taken up the responsibilities of the Presidency as the nation has grown from the birth of the republic into a modern superpower.
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