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ISDP: Cost Effective Software Solutions

Getting Started

To order or inquire about this service, please contact the NIH IT Service Desk.

Service Hours: Monday-Friday, 8AM to 5PM

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The ISDP program acquires and delivers discounted software to NIH and HHS personnel. ISDP leverages large volume purchasing agreements to secure significantly discounted prices for its customers. The program performs market research, collects software product information, and negotiates directly with vendors to obtain the best possible price. This allows ISDP to present its NIH and HHS customers with the benefit of saving both money and time.
The ISDP program generates cost savings and enables customers to maximize their time and resources by:

  • Identifying the most effective software product pricing options
  • Conducting negotiations on behalf of the customers
  • Streamlining product accounts to manage costs and forecast demand


Customer Benefits

Provides time and money savings to participants by eliminating the need to search for the best pricing and purchasing vehicles.

Customer Market

Most agreements are available HHS wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the iSDP program save customers money on the cost of software?

A. In 2009 ISDP saved its NIH customers approximately $12 million!
Q. What are some benefits of using this service?
A. Benefits include but are not limited to:
  1. ISDP can negotiate up to 60% off of the GSA price on statistical software.
  2. All negotiations and administrative work is done for you.
  3. Easy access to major products such as: Microsoft, SAS, Adobe, Oracle and more!
Q. Is there a website for the ISDP service?
A. Yes.  The link is:


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This page last reviewed: March 09, 2011