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Young people and families from vulnerable backgrounds often live in violent neighborhoods and have histories of abuse and neglect. These experiences cause trauma that can lead to mental and physical health conditions, substance abuse, and contact with the criminal justice system. To better understand and support victims of trauma, programs that serve families and youth need to assess and potentially modify every aspect of their organization to include a basic understanding of how trauma affects the lives of individuals seeking services. That approach is called trauma-informed care.

The Beat
February 04, 2013
In our latest podcast, we hear from Bill Martin, executive director of Waterford Country School, a Connecticut youth shelter that will soon finish the three-year implementation of the CARE Model. He talks about how this evidence-based practice enables Waterford to better serve youth. Listen to the podcast.
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Prostitution. Pornography. Survival sex. Commercial sexual exploitation is more than just young people being sexually abused by adults. Perpetrators victimize young people by paying, or promising...
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January 22, 2013

Photograph of Dr. Carl Lejuez.Dr. Carl Lejuez of the University of Maryland has spent years researching why and when people take risks. He talks with NCFY about the balloon-popping video game he uses to study risk taking, and about the implications of his findings for traumatized youth.

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