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Across the country, many young people have no place safe to stay. They sleep on the streets, in cars or on their friends’ couches. Through its Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs, the Family and Youth Services Bureau funds initiatives that serve and protect these young people. NCFY offers many resources for organizations that serve runaway and homeless youth in emergency shelters and longer-term residential programs as well as through street outreach.

Programs around the country are easing the transition to adulthood for runaway and homeless youth. Through the Family and Youth Services Bureau’s Transitional Living Program for Older...
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January 22, 2013

Photograph of Dr. Carl Lejuez.Dr. Carl Lejuez of the University of Maryland has spent years researching why and when people take risks. He talks with NCFY about the balloon-popping video game he uses to study risk taking, and about the implications of his findings for traumatized youth.

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