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mother-and-childMany runaway and homeless youth are pregnant or have already become parents. They not only need basics like food and shelter; they must also learn to be good parents. The Family and Youth Services Bureau funds maternity group homes that prepare young people for economic independence while also ensuring the wellbeing of their children. In this section, learn more about working with pregnant and parenting teens.

The Beat
January 25, 2013
“Using GIS to Enhance Programs Serving Emancipated Youth Leaving Foster Care” (abstract), Evaluation and Program Planning, Vol. 35, No. 1 (2012).
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This pocket-sized brochure is intended for young people graduating from or leaving transitional and independent living programs. It features the stories of three young people who offer advice...
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January 22, 2013

Photograph of Dr. Carl Lejuez.Dr. Carl Lejuez of the University of Maryland has spent years researching why and when people take risks. He talks with NCFY about the balloon-popping video game he uses to study risk taking, and about the implications of his findings for traumatized youth.

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