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Spotlight on Women's Health

Every month, our website features the Spotlight on Women's Health — interviews that share everything from personal stories to expert opinions. Womenshealth.gov asks the questions you're interested in so that you get inside look at women's health.

Current spotlight

May 2012


Jane Sutton
An Interview About Living a Healthy Lifestyle: Jane Sutton

In May, the Office on Women’s Health celebrates National Women’s Health Week. This important week reminds women to make their health a top priority. Many women find it hard to take care of themselves because they are busy working and taking care of others. Jane Sutton, a successful professional, wife, and mother, learned early on that healthy eating and exercise would help her achieve all of the things she set her mind to. Read on for tips and suggestions to help you make the most of all the years ahead of you. Learn more about balancing your career and your health in this interview.

Past spotlights

April 2012


Krista Barlow
An Interview About Eating Disorders: Krista Barlow

Krista Barlow struggled with anorexia and bulimia through high school and college. Understanding more about the diseases helped her to overcome them. She hopes to help others by sharing her story. Learn more about these conditions in this candid and personal interview.

March 2012


Heather Roppolo-Guidone
Interview With a Woman Who Had Endometriosis: Heather Roppolo-Guidone

Endometriosis is a common health problem in women. It occurs when endometrial tissue grows outside of the uterus on other organs or structures in the body. Heather Roppolo-Guidone had a serious case of endometriosis: Stage 4. But this didn't stop her from having her "miracle baby" and getting well. Heather is dedicated to improving the lives and health of other women and girls with endometriosis. Learn more about the disease in this candid and personal interview.

February 2012


Carolyn Thomas
Interview With a Woman Taking Charge of Her Heart Health: Carolyn Thomas

Carolyn Thomas had a heart attack shortly after she turned 58 years old. Through this experience, Carolyn is implementing simple lifestyle changes to keep her heart healthy. Read more about Carolyn's story and how to improve your own heart's health.

January 2012


Joan Shey
Interview With a Thyroid Cancer Survivor: Joan Shey

Chances are, you don’t give too much thought to your thyroid on a daily basis. Joan Shey didn’t, either, until she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She survived the cancer, and then started the Light of Life Foundation to educate people about thyroid cancer. Learn more about your thyroid and how it affects your health.

December 2011


Dr. Michelle Segar
Interview With an Expert Who Studies Women and Exercise: Dr. Michelle Segar

Have you ever made a resolution to exercise and then found that you couldn’t stick with your exercise plan? Dr. Michelle Segar is an expert in behavior and exercise. She studies the reasons why women between the ages of 40 and 60 exercise. She developed her SMART method to help women find the right reasons to exercise. Learn more about which reasons help an exercise program stick for women.

November 2011


Beverly Robertson
Interview on Prematurity: Beverly Robertson

Did you know that today 1,400 babies will be born too early? What causes babies to be born early? How does prematurity affect babies and their families? Join us in observing Prematurity Awareness month as we discuss common question about prematurity with Beverly Robertson from the March of Dimes.

October 2011


Shawna Wagner
Interview With a Woman Who Overcame Bladder Control Issues: Shawna Wagner

Many women experience loss of bladder control when they sneeze or jump. But for Shawna Wagner, bladder control problems had seriously affected her quality of life. An avid runner and hiker, she had to alter her workouts after the birth of her daughters because she had bladder leaks while participating in high impact sports. After years of living with urinary incontinence, Shawna chose to have surgery for her condition. Read on to find out more about how bladder control problems affect women, and the treatment options that are available.

September 2011


Wendy Williamson
Interview With a Woman With Bipolar Disorder: Wendy Williamson

Just weeks before her final semester at Virginia Tech, Wendy Williamson was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a serious medical illness that causes shifts in a person's mood and energy. The person may feel very happy and "up," which is called mania, and then feel very depressed. During her 20s, Wendy ignored her illness and turned to alcohol and other destructive behaviors to try to feel better. But they didn't help. Rather, they led to more times of mania and of depression. Eventually, Wendy accepted her illness and got treatment. Learn how she takes care of herself today and her hope for the future.

August 2011


Minerva Figueroa
Interview With a Woman Living With Lupus: Minerva Figueroa

Lupus can be a devastating disease — just ask Minerva Figueroa. Before she was diagnosed, she battled extreme fatigue, trouble walking, painful joints, hair loss, and more. Read our interview with Minerva to see how having lupus might change the way she lives, but it will never define her.

July 2011


Christine Eads
Interview With a Woman Who Overcame Two Traumas and Now Helps Others: Christine Eads

By the time she was 31 years old, Christine Eads faced two blows to her reproductive and mental health. First, in her early 20s, she was violently sexually assaulted. Her attacker was never found. Then, a few years later, she was told she would never be able to have children due to primary ovarian insufficiency (POI). Despite this devastation, Christine uses her inner strength and past experiences to help others. Read her triumphant story and how she believes in family support and being a patient advocate.

June 2011


Tamika Felder
Interview With a Cervical Cancer Survivor: Tamika Felder

Like many recent college graduates, Tamika Felder focused on her career and having fun. She skipped regular visits to her doctor for a few years because she didn't have health insurance. When she went for a Pap test, she was devastated by the doctor's diagnosis: Tamika had cervical cancer. Read this powerful interview to see the lessons she hopes all women will learn from her story.

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