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Search Pages, Institution Characteristics, and Reports

The Institution Search allows you to search for an institution's current and non-current information by name and location.

The USBA Search allows you to search for U.S. Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banking Organizations (FBOs).

An Institution's Profile will be displayed, in a results screen, after a search option is executed. Each institution's name is a hyperlink to its characteristic information.

Click on a name link to display characteristics, which include institution type, location, and primary federal regulator. Links to structure will ONLY be displayed when available (all institutions do not share the same attributes).

Links to the following reports will be displayed ONLY if that information is available for the selected institution:

    • The Organization Hierarchy Report displays detailed information regarding ownership if the subject institution is part of a multi-level, “tiered”, organization.
    • The Institutions Acquired page displays acquisitions made by the subject institution.
    • The Institution History page displays a chronological list of changes to the institution's characteristic and structure information.
    • The Branch Locator locates and lists the branches a domestic bank operates.

Financial Reports are also accessible from the Institutions' Profile page, only if data exist for reports provided at this site.

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