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Top 50 HCs

The Top 50 HCs page provides the official list of the 50 largest HCs, by asset size. To be included among the top 50 HCs, an institution must qualify by asset size by submitting their assets on the FR Y-9C or FR 2320 forms and be engaged in significant banking activities.

From the list of Top 50 HCs click on an institution's name which is a link to that institution's profile.

A rank between 1 and 50 is assigned to each institution in the Top 50 list based upon consolidated total asset size.

The number displayed in parenthesis next to the institution's name is its RSSD ID number. The RSSD ID is a unique identifier assigned to each institution by the Federal Reserve.

Total assets are displayed in thousands of dollars. If total assets are not available for every Top 50 HC for the date displayed in the heading, consolidated total assets, as of the previous quarter, as well as the consolidated total assets as of the current quarter will be displayed in the heading.

If no total asset value is displayed, the institution has not yet filed a financial report with the Federal Reserve. If current and previous quarter total assets are displayed, the rank is based upon the previous quarter's consolidated total assets.

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