Introduction to Clinical Research Learning Modules

Posted: Jan 15, 2013
National Cancer Institute's Center for Cancer Research.
KEYWORDS: Level of Clinical Trials Knowledge or Awareness


These 12 online educational modules provide an introductory but comprehensive overview of the clinical research process for staff who are new to the clinical research arena.



The following modules are included:

  1. Clinical Trial Design
  2. Protocol Development
  3. Phase 0 Clinical Trials
  4. Informed Consent Process
  5. Roles and Responsibilities of the Research Team
  6. Roles and Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  7. Clinical Data Management
  8. Documentation in Clinical Research
  9. Documenting, Recording, and Reporting of Adverse Events and Unanticipated Problems
  10. Regulatory Binder
  11. RECIST: Applying the Rules (Optional)
  12. Monitoring and Auditing of Clinical Trials