Clinical Trials and Cancer Research Videos

Posted: Jan 04, 2013
University of Michigan.
KEYWORDS: Knowledge/Attitudes/Beliefs, Language or Cultural Barriers, Logistics/Transportation, Cost/Insurance, Provider-Patient Relationship, Attitudes, Eligibility, Placebo, Randomization, Study Burden, Consent, Verbal Communications, Cancer, Treatment, Phase 0,1,2, Phase 3-4


This is a 13-part series of 1-2 minute videos that inform potential participants about clinical trials. This series can be used as a patient education resource, 


The video series consists of the following parts (video#):

  1. Clinical Trials and Cancer Research (#103)
  2. Patient Participation in Clinical Trials (#102)
  3. Minority Participation in Clinical Trials (#101)
  4. When to Enroll in a Clinical Trial (#100)
  5. Partnering with Primary Care Doctors (#99)
  6. Asking Your Doctor About Joining a Clinical Trial (#98)
  7. Side Effects Caused by Clinical Trials (#97)
  8. Placebos and Their Use in Clinical Trials (#96)
  9. Eligibility and Clinical Trials (#95)
  10. Protocol in Clinical Trials (#94)
  11. What Are Blinded Studies? (#93)
  12. Randomization in Clinical Trials (#92)
  13. The Importance of Volunteering for Clinical Trials (#91)