Topics: Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Abstinence Education

A young couple walking with their friends.Preventing adolescent pregnancy means more than keeping youth from having children. Successful pregnancy prevention efforts promote healthy adolescent development in general by stressing self-worth, goal fulfillment and personal values. The Family and Youth Services Bureau supports evidence-based adolescent pregnancy prevention and adulthood education through the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program, or APP. NCFY offers resources on preventing adolescent pregnancy and empowering young people to make good choices.

The Beat
January 23, 2013
You may have seen the headlines last fall: Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that girls with below-average reading ability went on to become teen mothers nearly twice as often as girls with average reading ability.
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From organizing fundraisers to cleaning up parks, groups of young people in every city and town across the country are engaged in both national and grassroots efforts to enrich their neighborhoods...
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January 22, 2013

Photograph of Dr. Carl Lejuez.Dr. Carl Lejuez of the University of Maryland has spent years researching why and when people take risks. He talks with NCFY about the balloon-popping video game he uses to study risk taking, and about the implications of his findings for traumatized youth.

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