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Scientific Computing Services (5)

  • Biowulf Computational Cluster

    The NIH Biowulf Cluster provides researchers with a world-class system to assist in solving complex biomedical problems as diverse as gene variation in worldwide human populations and PET brain scan processing to identify plaques associated with Alzheimer's disease. The Biowulf cluster requires a Helix Systems account and a justification describing the computational requirements of the proposed research project. 

  • Helix Managed Storage

    CIT provides Helix Managed Storage to user-accessible directories. The service offers high performance storage using highly redundant network file servers and includes seamless access to files among Helix Systems computational platforms, convenient access from users' desktop computers, regular snapshots of files for online access, and backup to offline tapes.

  • Helix Scientific Computing

    The NIH Helix System is a high-performance computer running Linux that provides a comprehensive set of scientific applications and biomedical databases tailored to the needs of NIH researchers.


    Imaris services allow researchers and scientists to visualize and analyze microscopic image data. Imaris services also provide licenses to use Imaris and associated modules, including MeasurementPro, Coloc, Track, FilamentTracer, and XT.


    The Mascot search engine uses mass spectrometry data to identify proteins from primary sequence databases. The CIT-managed Mascot server provides a centralized, shared resource with updated databases, and allows NIH researchers to run Mascot searches directly on the NIH Mascot website or by using the Mascot daemon on a desktop PC.

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This page last reviewed: August 05, 2010