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This guide is for you if you dream of starting your own nonprofit organization to give young people in your community better opportunities, but don't know where to begin. Or perhaps you're already part of a youth-serving charity and you simply need a few pointers.

The “Pack What You Need To Succeed” poster is a great reminder of all the intangible things youth need to carry with them every day: Inner Strength, Support, Goals, Vision, Responsibility, Protection, Direction, Education, Patience, and Basic Needs.

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In this guide to keeping the doors of youth-serving nonprofits open in good times and bad, NCFY has collected many of its original articles on financial management and fundraising.

Prostitution. Pornography. Survival sex. Commercial sexual exploitation is more than just young people being sexually abused by adults. Perpetrators victimize young people by paying, or promising to pay, money, goods or services to a youth—or a pimp—in exchange for sexual acts or entertainment.

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Prostitución. Pornografía. Sexo para sobrevivir. La explotación sexual con fines comerciales es más que simplemente personas jóvenes sufriendo abuso sexual a manos de adultos. Los perpetradores convierten a los jóvenes en víctimas cuando pagan, o prometen pagar, dinero, productos o servicios a un joven o a su chulo (“pimp”) a cambio de actos sexuales o entretenimiento.

From organizing fundraisers to cleaning up parks, groups of young people in every city and town across the country are engaged in both national and grassroots efforts to enrich their neighborhoods, their schools and their futures.

Though they may not know it, these youth embody a philosophy embraced by many community members and policymakers: Positive Youth Development.

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