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Telephone Directory Services

The CIT DNST directory staff are responsible for the Publishing the hard copy and electronic copy of the NIH Telephone Products and Services Directory. The Update and publish NIH Blue Pages for state-wide telephone directories, process and distribute Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) Directories, develop and publish customized directories. Which is uploaded to the Operators switchboard directory to help serve the NIH community and general public

Customer Benefits

The NIH Directory provides a list of NIH Products and Services and the most accurate contact information for NIH employees and Institutes for the NIH community and general public.

Customer Market

This service is available to all NIH customers and to other customers outside of NIH.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why am I not listed in the directory?

A. When personnel info is submitted to the NIH Enterprise Directory (NED), the Administrative Officer (AO) has the option of including your contact info in the personnel listings of the NIH directory. Depending on your direct involvement with the NIH community an AO may opt to exclude your info from the publication. Contact your AO directly to be included in the Personnel Listings of the NIH telephone & Services Directory.
Q. How can I order additional directories?
A. To order additional directories, please send the following info to also listed as NIH Telephone Directory Services in the Global Directory:

Your Name
Building Number
Building Address & Suite #
Phone Number
Mail Stop Code (MSC)
Also include the amount of directories you are requesting.
Forward all corrections to the hardcopy and electronic to the NIH Telephone &Services Directories to also listed as NIH Telephone Directory in the Global.  Please include the location (i.e. page number or URL) where the error can be found.


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This page last reviewed: March 09, 2011